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Family situation (Relax yourself)

When working hard to relax your baby, make sure that you’re not working so hard that you’re not relaxed yourself. You’ve probably noticed that even before they can see clearly, babies are able to sense everything.  If you’re relaxed, your baby is going to pick up on that, and be more likely to relax themselves as well.  On the other hand, if you’re tense - perhaps worried about why your baby isn’t sleeping or a myriad of other stresses that go along with being a parent - your baby is likely to pick up on that tension as well, and it will be much harder for him or her to relax and fall asleep.

So the lesson in this tip is simple:  Take time to relax, and take care of yourself as much as possible.  The more relaxed and well you are the more relaxed and well your baby is likely to be.

Fathering Down

This baby sleep tip is one that involves Dads.  “Fathering down” as it is often called, is when the father carries or cradles his baby in his arms with the baby’s head resting under his chin (right on his neck and Adam’s apple).  The father then hums or talks gently to the baby.  Because the male voice is lower than the female voice, it is often very soothing to a baby because it comes closest to simulating the low-frequency sounds that a baby hears in the womb.

After trying the technique of “fathering down” several times, it is very likely that your baby will easily settle to the low voice of Dad, so this technique just might become a regular in your nightly baby sleep routine.

Dealing With Baby Sleeping Issues Is Easier Than You Think!
By knowing your options, it will let you know what to do and hence avoid getting stressed or frustrated.

“Understanding baby sleeping” provides those options.

How to get a baby to sleep through the night?


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