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Remember this:

All children eventually learn to sleep through the night. And yes, while it may seem torturous, parents have lived through it for generations. The secret is to keep your body and mind healthy so that you will survive the effects of sleep deprivation. 

Someday, your children will grow into teenagers who want to do nothing but sleep in their own rooms. Then you’ll fondly look back on these days when they wanted to spend so much time with you, awake. 

This could be the hard test of your patience if you are a new parent. The most important thing for you to keep in mind is if your baby is going through a sleep regression you need to be patient. Sleep regressions are usually temporary and sleep will return back to normal once the underlying causes clear up. 

The positive side is that you will have time to catch up with late night TV Ads. Hey…sometimes you will find great product from it. 

Regression or Habit? 

While there is no black and white, my general rule of thumb is that sleep regression only last for about 2-3 weeks and has many causes. Some of the more popular causes are teething, developmental milestones, growth spurt, anxiety, and boundary testing. 

Try to give your baby 1-3 weeks to see if something reveals itself. It could be a new tooth or a new “trick” or even an illness a few days later. 

If you can’t find a culprit, or there is no end in sight it might be time to intervene. If the change doesn’t go away on its own, it can become a habit that needs to be broken. 

You know your kid better than anyone and don’t let your tiredness cloud your instincts and good judgments. Think outside the box and fix the cause, not the symptom! 

And if it is a habit, slowly and gently try to break the habit to back to the correct sleep pattern. 

Good luck!

Dealing With Baby Sleeping Issues Is Easier Than You Think!
By knowing your options, it will let you know what to do and hence avoid getting stressed or frustrated.

“Understanding baby sleeping” provides those options.

How to get a baby to sleep through the night?


The information included on this site is for your information only, and is by no means a substitute for the advice of a qualified medical practitioner. If you have a particular problem or ambiguity, see a doctor.

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