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Answering Sleep Deprived Parents' Frustration




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  • Get help from family. 

Gather all your army. Husband, your mom, your sister.

Next Step…


Figuring out what can cause the problems on your 4 month old baby sleep would be the next step.

There are many factors and the most popular factors can be a mixture of the following:

  • Illness 
  • Teething 
  • Changes in room temperature (Too hot or too cold) 
  • Developmental milestones (learning to sit up, roll, or crawl for example.) 
  • A new bed time routine 
  • Room temperature too hot, or cold 
  • Unfamiliar noise while sleeping 
  • Growth spurt causing hunger 
  • Jet lag or changes in time zone if you are travelling 
  • And many more… 

At 4 month old age, the problem is most likely due to developmental changes going on in the brain. Babies at four months simply begin sleeping differently from the way they did when they were younger, and they need time to adjust.

Below are some solutions that you can choose in dealing with your 4 month old baby sleep issue: 

  • If you suspect an illness, see a doctor. Sometimes illness does not relate to fever or stuffed nose that is easy to be noticed. Or it could be other disorders – such as autism or attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – may begin to show their signs after baby’s first months and may be causing the sleep regression. These conditions may not be detectable at this age if you’re not a doctor, so it’s best to see one.
  • If your baby is constantly eating more than usual, he might be in a growth spurt. Feed him eat more during the day to help eliminate night time hunger.
  • Teething is painful. Get from pharmacy for teething shooter. There is one called Bonjela and it has been proven helps most teething babies.
  • When your baby reaches a development milestone such as rolling, sit up. Try to give him plenty of time during the day to practice. This should help discourage him in any late night eagerness to learn that new skill.
  • Give your baby more time to adjust for any changes in bedtime routines.
  • Fine-tune room temperature to see if it makes any difference.
  • Pay attention to your baby’s surrounding and environment. Is it season changes, in summer your baby might need less cloth than in winter. Or is it because of the blowing air from the air conditioner is hitting your baby’s face? Insect biting? Or annoying neighbor that has nasty habit of smoking that the smoke come into your baby’s room. Even it is not much but baby is sensitive.
  • Co-sleep. Yes, take your baby out of the crib and put him or her into bed with you. Dr. Precious “Tippy” Tanchanco, a development pediatrician who holds clinic at the Medical City, agrees. Your warmth, your smell, the sound of your breathing – these make your baby feel more secure, so even if they wake up in the middle of the night, it’s easier for them to fall back to sleep with little or no help from you.” However pay extra attention to sleeping safety. There should be no thick blankets, no comforters. The bed sheets should fit snugly on the bed and should not be easily pulled off. You need to ensure that your baby does not get smothered and also you are not deep sleeper or under alcohol or medication.
  • Breastfeed if you can. It would be much more convenient rather than bottle fed where you have to wake up and mix the formula. It is also help your baby to get back to sleep sooner as it makes him full without delay and feel more comfortable and secure. Propping a bottle on a pillow puts baby at risk for choking. In contrast, breast milk straight from Mommy’s breast is always fresh, always warm, and you don’t have to hold anything. Often, you hardly even have to wake up. Some moms have even mastered the art of breastfeeding baby from either the left or right breast without even changing sides with baby.
    So breastfeed if you can. Not only more healthy than formula but also create more self esteem to your baby at later age. 
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