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 how to get a baby to sleep through the night

How to Get A Baby to Sleep Through The Night?
Dealing With Baby Sleeping Issues Is Easier Than You Think!

Do you still remember this moment?

When you were pregnant, all the beautiful things appeared in your mind. Thinking how cute your baby would be.

You then prepared everything to welcome your little one. Renovated one room at your house, apply wallpapers and decorate it to a fairy or sailor room.

Close to the due date, you and your partner were getting more nervous. Both of you were doing a final cross check to make sure everything were ready to welcome your loved one.

And…they day both of you were waiting for finally arrived. You were in hospital. After about 15 hours in agony, finally… your baby was born! You hugged him or her….You and your partner were crying with joy.

After 3 or 5 days in hospital for recovery, you brought your baby home.

And THIS, is when the “reality” begins…

  • Your baby wakes every 3 hours. Sometimes every 2 hours or even 1 hour and it happens in 24 hours 7 days.

  • Your baby is crying without reason. You have given him or her breast milk, changed the nappy, finding any insects bite on your baby, or anything that causes his or her cry. But none helps.

  • You can be someone who migrates to another country. Nobody helps you. Your parents are overseas. You have no one to ask for help. Your financial situation is not good enough to hire full time babysitter or even casual. You are confused, so depressed.

  • When will my baby sleep? When can I sleep? Can I get my life back? Arrghhh…..!!!!! 

You were then telling yourself to be patient. Hey it works! But it only last for couple of days.

Your energy is about to end. Now you seem like you don’t love your baby anymore. You feel your baby is destroying your life, your married life, your social life, and other part of your life.

At some points, you may have yelled at your baby but then you feel guilty afterwards and become more depressed.

"How to get a baby to sleep through the night?"

It would be your first question in your head. But because you don't get the answer, the next one is...

You fight with your partner more, there is no romance between you two anymore…

You said angrily to your partner, “Why only me that have to take care our baby?” But your partner YELLED back to you, “I HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW MORNING!!!”

Do you know that if you and your partner relationship loosen, and there is tension between you two, your baby will feel it and it will affect your baby sleeping? And then it will affect his or her growth especially in your baby’s self esteem that will result in your child behaviors problem at later age?

Fake hope…

After around 7-8 months. Finally your child can sleep on his or her own and also longer too. It could be around 7-8 hours straight but normally 6 hours straight. Well not bad isn’t it?

You are happy that finally you can give yourself some better quality of rest. You thought that finally things changed.

But then…it can only last for 3 weeks, and your baby started to wake up again in the middle of the night, does not want to sleep again because she or he wanted to play.



Dear Heavily Frustrated Parents,

There is nothing wrong with your baby. It is just you as parents that have lack of understanding and don’t know what to do.

Having a baby is not something like carrying an elephant on your shoulder or getting trap in darkness alone with nobody surrounds you forever. If you know what to do, know how to treat your baby and yourself correctly, everything will be a lot easier. Also, you need to remember that he or she is not going to be baby forever.

"How to get a baby to sleep through the night?" would be a question that is easy to be answered. The key is...

Know your options will let you know what to do and hence avoid getting stressed or frustrated.

“Understanding baby sleeping” provides those options.

We are different than other eBook in the market because:

  1. It is derived with the most complete information about baby sleeping.

    In total of 250 pages, divided in three volumes, realistically speaking, I believe you will find almost all the answer you are looking for in comparison to only 30 pages of eBook available in the market.

  2. The information is gathered from experts and has been applied by many parents and proven to be successful.

  3. We also produce the audio book version for your conveniences.

    We understand that, while you are in sleep deprivation, it is hard with heavy eyes to read something. Therefore we produce the audio book version for your convenience. You can learn by listening while feeding your baby, while lying down, etc. 


Here what you will learn.

Understanding Baby Sleeping Vol. 1

Understanding Baby Sleeping Volume 1
-The Basic Not Many People Understand-

When you’re pregnant regardless first one or not, everybody surround you seems to have something they want to share. They want to share about how your baby will behave, what parenting method you should do, and everything else under the sun.

They also tell you what they think about how baby should sleep too. However, every baby is not the same. Your baby may act vastly different from some other baby. There are no hard and fast rules. You may find your baby goes naturally into good sleep habits. Or you may find that he refuses to sleep well, even when he is several months old. Some babies are happy to soothe themselves to sleep, while others want breastfeeding to help them to doze off. That's fine as long as you're happy.

Although no exact rule, it will be very helpful to get some basic guidelines and keep them in mind.

So what is a 'normal' in baby sleeping?

Volume 1 will give you basic understanding about baby natural sleeping patterns and what basic things you need to have to handle the situation.

Understanding Baby Sleeping Vol. 2

Understanding Baby Sleeping Volume 2
-Routines and More Advance Approach-

It is the goal of almost any new parent to get a baby to sleep soundly.  No matter how you work on it, babies do not sleep as soundly as most parents would like, and that can be challenging for many reasons. There are several ways, however, to help your baby sleep better and longer, so that you can get some sleep yourself, and keep your sanity.

Things from setting up correct environment for your baby to the way you response to your baby will greatly affect the way your baby sleep.

You might also hear an advice that to train him or her to sleep is by letting him or her crying on the cot and not picking up. Well, the truth is and it is confirmed by most psychologist that that method really destroys children self esteem and in fact can result in brain damage due to stress.

Understanding Baby Sleeping Vol.2 will show you some more advance approach that not many parents might notice but yet it is very simple and approved by psychologists and pediatricians.

Understanding Baby Sleeping Vol. 3

Understanding Baby Sleeping Volume 3
-Special Cases-

There are some situations that no matter what you do in a normal way, it does not help. We call it special cases.

Things like colic, separation anxiety and jet lag need special attention.

Understanding Baby Sleeping Vol.3 will show how to deal with them. Just be reminded that even special cases do have solutions. We also include special tips for single parents.

So, this is what you will get.


US$ 14.97


US$ 27


US$ 9.97





US$ 24.97


US$ 37


US$ 19.97




You Will Learn, How To Avoid Baby Battle And Dramatically Improve Your Family Planning Today!

Planning For Kids Is Never  Easy… Now You Can Have A Peace Of Mind And Live A Wonderful Life That You Deserve!




Do you know what all of the most successful people in the world have in common?

Motivation and empowerment.

The same applies for children. If you know how to tap into the powers of personal development and empower your child accordingly, your child would be able to grow and mature at a fast pace and achieve results which are better and faster.



 US$ 17

Are your kids constantly told you they were being yelled and tease by their friends?

Do you notice little bruises on their body? Or they are trying to avoid school?

These are some of the common symptoms that hint you that your kids are the victim of bullies in school.

You may have just ignore these hints and assume everything is fine. But if this prolong, it will cause huge impact to your child’s social life & decrease in their self-confidence.

Discover The Secret Tactics Which Helped Thousands Of Kids To Stop Bullies And Gain Respect For Good!


 Total Worth US$ 179.00
Package Deal Only US$ 27.00

30 days money back guarantee and you are protected by PayPal directly, you have nothing to loose.

Remember, with 30 days satisfaction money back guarantee no questions asked and you can keep the product, will give you nothing to loose.

Understanding Baby Sleeping only process payment via PayPal. It means we will not know your card detail and your safety and assurance of purchase are protected by PayPal directly.

If you don't have PayPal account, you can use credit card and it will be processed by PayPal.

 Package Deal Only US$ 27.00

Don’t Spend Hundred Of Dollars On Consultation, For The Same Answer That You Can Get From Us.

Save your life and your money from your frustration by understand how your baby sleeps.

Parents need to be careful with sleep training centre that adopt cry out loud method that will give negative effect to baby development at later age. And it cost hundred of dollars too.

So, why spent hundred of dollars for something that are not agreed by experts or spent hundred of dollars from consultant that will tell you the same information as in Understanding Baby Sleeping? And mostly you will forget from what you have been taught in consultation?

If you purchase Understanding Baby Sleeping, it is obviously a lot cheaper and you can read/listen to them over and over again.

Remember, Know your options will let you know what to do and hence avoid getting stressed or frustrated.

“Understanding baby sleeping” provides those options.


 Package Deal Only US$ 27.00


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